As you get older, you’ll eventually undergo recognized changes in skin tissue that can alter how you look. The loss of skin elasticity and volume can result in a tired and old appearance. Once you undergo premature aging, it can make you look and feel older than you actually are. Issues such as facial scars potentially affect your relationships since they can become one of your insecurities. Fortunately, you can take advantage of facial peels from your trusted beauty spa Clearfield to address problems like that. Here are some of the most common facial peel types and what they can do:

Deep Facial Peel

This type of treatment is quite serious since it can help in dealing with stubborn skin issues such as stretch marks, acne scars, wrinkles, and more. Usually, this facial peel type has carbolic or phenol acid to eliminate the epidermis skin layer and slightly on the lower layer of your skin.

Superficial Facial Peel

This type of treatment involves using mild acids like lactic, glycolic, and hydroxy acids. Superficial facial peel best works for superficial skin issues like dull complexion, enlarged pores, superficial scars, and light wrinkles. This treatment helps in stripping away the skin layer’s stratum corneum, which has dead skin cells. This debris usually causes your skin’s natural radiance to be blocked. If you remove it, a superficial facial peel can thrive well into your skin.

Facial Peel

Facial peels are one of the kinds of chemical solution that’s applied to the skin of the patient and will be left on your skin for a particular prescribed duration. After that, the solution will be neutralized and rinsed away. The treatment usually works by eliminating a few outer skin tissues to encourage your body to replace damaged and old skin with new skin tissues that display lesser imperfections. Check out here.

Medium Facial Peel

This treatment is commonly known as a TCA peel, which is a medium-depth peel that makes the skin’s epidermis layer to be damaged to stimulate regenerative developments in your skin texture even after a single session. A medium facial peel is usually utilized to treat hyperpigmentation, acne scars, and light wrinkles.

What are the Things you should Do to Treat Your Skin after A Facial Peel Session?

After undergoing a session of a facial peel procedure, you can relax and allow your body to do the work for you. As much as possible, never rub your skin vigorously or apply harsh skincare since those can interfere with the treatment process.

Moreover, make sure not to be exposed to sunlight for a long time, avoid makeup application and laser treatments until your skin has time to recover and heal from your procedure.

Book for a facial peel schedule today

To start the process of improving the appearance and health of your skin with facial peels, it’s always highly recommended to book an appointment with your trusted beauty spa today. The expert esthetician will take a look at your skin condition and will recommend and help you decide which facial peel is best for you.